Technology transformed our world

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Wednesday, Nov 10

Technology has played a huge role in impacting our lives, it runs our lives today. Now, with the invention of smartwatches, emerging wearable technology, and smart speakers like Google home and Amazon Alexa, these capabilities are part of our daily lives. As technology thrives and evolves, it extends our physical capabilities even more, enabling us to achieve core survival requirements more easily. 


Evolution of technology

Technology has paved the way for multi-functional devices like smartwatches and smartphones. With these revolutions, technology has made our lives better, easier, faster and more fun. With these technology infused devices comes improved communication. 


Better Interaction

In the earlier times, communication was always done through letter writing and we were expected to wait for days or even months to receive a reply. As time passed, landlines, pagers and mobile phones were invented and communication slowly improved. Today, communication is instant. Technology has come up with new ways of communication; online forums, social media platforms, messaging apps. 



The biggest improvement communication has experienced through technology would be speed. Messages can be received within milliseconds. This is due to wireless signals, satellites, undersea cables, and other advanced technology that ensures the instant delivery of messages and any form of data to any location on the globe. 


Through the evolution of technology, internet speed and strength is increasing with time and is improving every single day. A result of an improved communication system would be connecting people virtually despite their location in a matter of seconds.  



Transmitting messages via technology is much more reliable compared to physical letters. This is as the possibility of an error happening in the transmission is eliminated with technology. As long as there are secured data lines, your device can be relied on to convey the message to the receiver. However, messages can get hindered due to glitches and errors from weather conditions or human faults. 


With technology, comes an end-to-end encryption function which makes it difficult for communication platform developers to decrypt messages and pry into your privacy. It also prevents hackers trying to steal your data and information shared on communication platforms. 


Communication tools

The invention of communication tools with the help of technology makes collaboration between people more comfortable. Technology helps communication along with increasing productivity, efficiency and morale. Some of these tools include screen sharing, video chat, cloud-based systems, tablets and social media. 


Disadvantage of communication technology


However, communication technology has brought setbacks as well. It can become a hindrance to effective communication. It can lead to information overload, misunderstandings due to non-verbal communication, laziness and isolation.


In a nutshell, technology is an ever-evolving, ever-changing concept. Technology has been continually evolving since the 2000s and will continue to evolve and advance as time passes, which is highly beneficial for better communication. Every other day, a new form of messaging application, tool or method comes into existence. Communication will continue to improve with the continuous evolution of technology.

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