Boost your international presence

Market Assistance Readiness (MRA) is a financial assistance programme by Enterprise Singapore.

SMEs can boost their international presence with the MRA grant by supporting businesses planning for overseas market promotion, business development or set-up. 


We provide complimentary grant consultancy for SMEs in Singapore. We are your one-stop service provider with a team of consultants on board. We provide consultancy for projects that fall under these scopes.

We provide complimentary grant consultancy for Small Medium Enterprises in Singapore. With a team of certified consultants on board, we are here to assist you with the application of the following grant consultancy scopes;

Market Readiness Assistance

For local companies who want to or are ready for expansions to overseas market(s).

Overseas Market Promotion

Suitable for companies who want to participate in trade fairs (online and physical) overseas or marketing and PR-related activities such as in-store promotions or road shows.

Overseas Business Development

Suitable for companies who want to do business development before venturing into a specific market. Companies can hire an outsourced consultant or send their employees to the target market. 

Overseas Market Set-Up

The grant supports various advisory, legal and documentation expenses such as Name Search, IP Search and Application, Import and Export Licenses and many more.

In addition, we provide the following services

Complimentary 1-to-1 consultation session.


Business advisory where necessary.

Business Development work to Vietnam.


Your Business is Eligible if You Meet these Criteria


Registered and operating in Singapore


Minimum 30% Local Shareholding


Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project

Still not sure if you qualify?

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