Still Unsure If A Mobile App Is Right For Your Business? Here’s Why.

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Wednesday, Jun 16

“You have the world at your fingertips.”

This may still sound absurd even in the Year 2000, however, it is not as unrealistic to say it anymore in today’s tech-savvy world. Frankly speaking, almost everything, from our daily groceries to transport services to payments, is in our pockets, aren’t they? 

You may be thinking that investing in a Mobile App is not necessary because your current business model is already able to bring you sufficient consumers that maximise your revenues and profits. 

If you are thinking this way, you are not wrong, but you are also not entirely right. Incorporating a Mobile App into your business will evidently personalise your branding and marketing strategy in reaching a wider reach of customers, and increase sales that will eventually boost your returns.

Still on the fence if you should invest in Mobile Apps? Here are 9 benefits that your business will reap from creating a Mobile App for your customers: 


Building a strong relationship through trust and authenticity with your customers is one of the most important key performance indicators for your business’s overall performance. Creating a Mobile App can you help you in that area as it:

1. Boosts customer engagement

“Customer engagement is an estimate of the degree and depth of visitor interaction against a clearly defined set of goals.” -Eric Peterson (How Do You Calculate Engagement? Part ll) 

While helping to retain your existing customers, it will further amplify your firm’s current foothold and reach a wider extent of audience. 

A recent survey conducted by Sales Force with respondents across Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomer generations revealed that 26% of consumers preferred Mobile Apps.

2. Encourages customer loyalty

When it comes to Mobile Apps, customer perks, incentives and rewards would definitely not go amiss. These will enhance customer satisfaction and experience, and increase the overall value of the service your business offers.

Let’s take Starbucks as an example — customers are still lining up for their overpriced coffee. Why? This is because of customer loyalty. Starbucks Apps enable their customers to buy their coffee swiftly and easily without having the hassle to use cash. In turn, Starbucks compensates them with loyalty points and discounts. 

As such, this encourages customer loyalty and further collection of user data that can be used for future purposes.

3. Connects better with customers

Why is connecting important? Connected customers tend to become repeat customers, and repeat customers are vital to business success. They do not have to be enticed to go back and engage with your business, as they have already formed that trust and confidence towards your company.

A Mobile App will allow your customer or client to have an easy access in communicating with you through a built-in online chat and live support, giving them the assurance that their voice is heard. 

As Singapore has a smartphone penetration rate of almost 150%, entering the mobile application market for your business allows you to personalise and expand your communication channel with your customers. 

It will provide you with a better understanding of new business insights for the next booming industry. At the same time, the relationship formed will not be merely transactional, but personal as well. 

Of course, you can’t forget about your competitors. Remember the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? You always have to be on your toes when it comes to looking for ways to be different. Investing in a Mobile App:

4. Improves efficiency 

Not only does a Mobile App help you and your business to find what customers exactly want, it also maximises business’s productivity. 

As compared to a mobile website, a Mobile App can help you and your customer save time as it gives them a platform to directly interact with you and suggest services the way they want.

It makes customer service a simpler and more efficient process for your business, making you stand out.


5. Offers high scalability 

A Mobile App allows you to sustain a high growth of user base, workload or transactions without disrupting the end users. 

Why is this important? When it comes to securing the success of your business, you have to ensure that you can seamlessly handle growth. If not, you will just be stuck. 

Having a Mobile App allows you to hire only the capacity you need without the risk of running short of processing your customer’s request, leaving them happy and satisfied.


6. Integrate with existing software

You do not have to worry about neglecting your existing software. You can integrate your Mobile App with the software you are currently using and this enables you to achieve a plethora of data exchange and optimised workflows.

It helps increase your firm’s flexibility and expedite business processes.

Last but not least, every business ultimately wants greater revenue and output. Higher revenue means more resources, and more resources means greater freedom for your business. This is possible with a Mobile App because it:

7. Boosts profit 

Your loyal and connected customers may make more frequent purchases and become advocates for your business. 

Research states that companies with Mobile Apps experience higher customer return and revenue. 

This ultimately increases your firm’s competitiveness, and growth in sales will typically rise, increasing your profits. 


8. Reduces marketing costs 

By analysing and leveraging data and behaviour patterns that you have collected from your existing marketing strategy, you can tailor your Mobile App experience towards each customer’s unique interests and needs.

Along with that, your content will capitalise on your personalised app’s strengths and exclusive features that will eventually forge deeper understanding between you and your customers. 

Hence, this will enable you to divert your resources to other areas like operations as your Mobile App is already helping you market your brand.


9. Better return on investments (ROI)

With greater consumer demand and fall in marketing costs for your business through your Mobile app, your return on investment (ROI) will definitely improve moving forward. 

As you garner more data from your Mobile App, you can discover new visions and outlooks for your business that could be beneficial in the long run. 

In the process of attaining these benefits through your Mobile App Development, we, at Q-Zone Tech, will provide end-to-end support for:

your Mobile App that is solely for your brand and customers.

So what are you waiting for?

Come and seize this opportunity and utilise this digital era we are currently living in to your firm’s advantage moving forward! 

Let us, Q-Zone Tech, help you on-board your business’s Mobile App Development journey and get up to 80% claim under Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). 

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