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Wednesday, Dec 08

Marketing trends are key changes in a strategic direction of the digital marketing landscape that influences the way marketers interact with their target audience.

Some marketing trends that you can make use of would be Google Alerts, social media hashtags, signing up for blogs and newsletters, infographics, etc.

Keeping up with marketing trends enables you to adjust your marketing efforts to your audience’s current behaviours. 

credits: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/marketing-trends



Infographics are great marketing trends as the human brain processes visuals faster than text and people online tend to scan than read. A study found that only 28% of text is being read!

Marketing professionals nowadays use infographics to solve such problems. Research shows that 38% of marketers plan to use infographics for the first time in 2022 while 45% are already doing so.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. 56% of marketers agree as they say infographics are their most effective marketing tool while 38% plan to increase their infographics investments within the next year!

Google Alerts

A platform that helps track keywords and terms that would help with your marketing strategies. Stay updated with the various trends that revolve around your target audience and create curated content that would effectively engage with them.

Social media hashtags 

Consumers will be able to discover your company with ease when you use hashtags that are related to your company in your contents. It is ideal to make use of popular hashtags that have a large following to achieve a higher outreach. 

Blogs and newsletters 

Blogs help your company build up reputation and appear more trustworthy in your field of  expertise, with quality and accurately written content. Newsletters offer you a chance to create personalised messages for your consumers, such as promotions, seasonal and birthday greetings, at the right moment. 

Now, more than ever, keeping up with marketing trends is important as it helps you to stay ahead of your competitors, and remain relevant in today’s market. It is also able to provide you with insights, and equip you with tools to engage with your target audience effectively.

These insights gained from keeping up with marketing trends will greatly aid your business to curate campaigns that are memorable to your targeted audience. They will be able to recall and be enticed to patronise your business, bringing solid revenues to you. 

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