Hidden Impacts of Technologies on Brands

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Thursday, Apr 28

Branding by Itself

In the previous article, we talked about branding with technologies (BrandTech) and its relevancy in years to come. However, have you wondered how brands were, before the use of technologies? Well, brands were mostly incorporated into brick-and-mortar stores. Branding and marketing were done through traditional media such as billboards, street furniture, newspapers, radio, and magazines. Although it may be easier to reach a wider audience within a short period of time, it is very intrusive and only provides one-way communication with potential customers.


Branding With Technologies

Combining the use of technologies with branding is a major win for your brand because it provides two-way communication with your customers and you are able to understand them better. For example, having your brand marketed only through brick and mortar stores and traditional media will only limit your targeted reach. 

However, having multiple streams of channels, such as through a mobile app, e-commerce store, or website can not only broaden your reach but be more targeted towards specific audiences. Using even advanced technologies would boost your brand’s perception.


Types of Technologies

Previously we talked about how major companies were using technologies for their branding. Let us go in-depth on some technologies used by businesses currently. One of the popular ones is an ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning”) system. It is basically a software that manages companies’ operations such as financials, supply chain, reporting, manufacturing and human resource activities. It is essential for a business because it saves a lot of time and more focus can be given to marketing. 

Other common technologies that are used are e-commerce stores and mobile applications. These are platforms used to reach potential customers, interact with and build a relationship with them. Nowadays, people love to buy their things online because more information is given to them, and it is very convenient to do so. As for mobile applications, it is a tool that can be used to provide utility content to consumers, where they can revisit the app anytime to have access to the company’s information, functions and features. 

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