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Wednesday, Dec 15

To attract your target audience’s attention, you should know and understand your company’s message, who your target audience is, and what they want to see and hear from you.

Once that is achieved, you will be able to tailor specific contents that suit their preferences. For instance, if your target audience has a preference to view visual content, and often post visually pleasing images on their social media accounts, you can consider skewing towards curations of contents like visual infographics to capture their attention.

We will showcase how you can nail down your target audience, and why it is important for you to know them. 

By narrowing and identifying your target audience, your company is able to channel and focus their marketing efforts and resources in a more effective manner. 

Your company might be casting a wide net to reach your target audience by placing extra resources in various marketing channels. However, that might not prove to be efficient. By scaling down your targeted marketing channels through identifying your target audience, you will be able to pool your resources in the right areas – more bounce for the ounce!

Knowing your target audience also allows you to create a personalised marketing experience for them, thus, increasing the chances of them purchasing from your company again.

Here are some more benefits of knowing your target audience:

To know your target audience better, you can create a buyer persona.

A buyer persona ensures that your marketing efforts are targeting the right audience group from the get go. 

Creating a persona requires in depth research, and surveys of your targeted audience. Some questions that you can ponder upon during this process could be;  what are their interests and hobbies, where do they shop, what is their income level etc.

For example:

After persistent research and surveying, Q-mart came up with a persona, Environmentalist Emma, based on their findings to have an overview of their target audience.

From the persona, Q-mart has deduced that their target audience are environmentally conscious, and will more likely patronise Q-mart if the business strategy aligns itself into a more environmentally friendly model.

Hence, Q-mart can implement sustainable and environmentally friendly products such as reusable bags for packaging products. They can also reduce the usage of single-use items. This would highly attract their target audience’s attention as the business goal is aligned with their interest.

With the persona you have identified with, you can know your target audience better. In due time, it will bring your business to greater heights, and naturally, increase your company’s profits. 

Once you know your target audience better, the next step is to understand them further. Stay tuned to our next article to learn more about understanding your target audience. 

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