Effective Marketing: Make Your Customers Do The Marketing For You

Published by belleo

Wednesday, Sep 08

Effective marketing — what exactly is it? Let me give you a very common example that you, yourself may be doing and not noticing it. 

When you order a drink from Starbucks, they will ask for your name to write on your cup, right? And, most people will simply mention their name and the spelling of your name is up to the staff to decipher. Starbucks is well-known for misspelling names, it could either be on purpose or they really just do not know how to spell your name. But, absurd spellings like ‘Marc’ becoming ‘Carc’ or ‘Oliver’ becoming ‘Allover’ make it seem like they’re doing it on purpose. 

The question you may be asking is: Why would they misspell names on purpose? The only answer to that is their world-class marketing strategy. When they misspell a name that’s just out of the world, ridiculous and hilarious, customers would be entertained, driving them to post their Starbucks cup on their social media.

And, when that happens Starbucks is getting the marketing they need from their customers. Have you ever seen a Starbucks ad or commercial online? Probably not. They don’t need it because their customers are doing the marketing for them. And, that is called effective marketing and that is what you want to achieve for your business. 

So, how do you get your customers to do your marketing for you? You can’t force your customers to say good things about your business or post on social media.

But by using 5 tactics, they can make it more likely.

1. Put your employees first 

When you put your employees first, they will give your customers an amazing experience. Your employees’ hard work and thoughtful efforts develop loyalty with your customers. Those customers are then well-positioned to become advocates for your business.

2. Prioritise authenticity  

Your business should be genuine and transparent as possible towards your customers. Today’s generation stated that they prefer “real and organic” rather than “perfect and packaged”. Include your voice and values into your products, services and campaigns. This way, you will be able to capture your customers’ sincerity.

3. Develop a bench of influencers   

Nowadays, influencers are becoming more prevalent as we become more digital and advanced. An increasing number of marketers are using influencer marketing as their strategy. When an influencer suggests a certain product or service, his/her followers want to be associated with it too. 

Influencers are particularly effective in promoting certain sectors such as cosmetics, however, you should remember that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all influencer. You will have to find the right and suitable influencer that matches the voice that your product or service exudes.

4. Motivate sharing   

Even the strongest content isn’t much use if it doesn’t get seen. Hence, you have to ensure that your marketing strategy allows you to reach a wide range of audience that could potentially be advocates for your business.  

You may lament the loss of control when customers become your business’s advocates, but it’s the best way to maximise the loyalty you have worked so hard to build.

5. Set up stellar experiences 

The go-to way of marketing by businesses is to give out free things i.e. freebies through giveaways, because who doesn’t like free stuff, right? But, your customers may get bored in the long run. So, why not come up with some actions that they can take to make them more thrilled to learn more about your business. For instance, creating challenges and interactive posts so that while you market your product or service, you are communicating with them at the same time. 

Remember that:

Loyal customers are the key to a long-lasting and successful business.

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