Case Study

TET Alliance (TET)

Type of Project

Customised Human Resource Management (HRM)

Client Industry


Construction and Engineering Machinery

Understanding Pain Points

The company has tried to source for an off-the-shelf HRM solution but failed due to their unique way of salary calculation. Hence, to this moment, their current processes still rely heavily on the traditional and manual way of updating the records. 

We went through step by step with the HR manager to understand their current processes and proposed a solution to customise the software to help them solve their biggest issues.


 To digitalise their processes in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

  Integrate with an employee self-service (“ESS”) to allow the employees to check on HR-related information such as leave balance and payslip.



We developed a web app* that helped to provide higher efficiency by streamlining the processes. 

With this platform, the company can now communicate with their employees instantly and disseminate information once and accurately. The platform also allows the employees to experience the reduction of administrative burdens, as well as enforcement of standard operating procedures.

*Platform that is available on desktop and responsive on mobile.