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With a team of branding and marketing experts based in Singapore, Q-Zone Tech offers a wide range of services to assist your company.

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Branding & Marketing services


The overall branding is important to your company as it can change how people perceive your brand. Branding can  drive new business and increase brand awareness. At Q-Zone Tech, our team will be there to assist you.


Brand Audit and Competitor Analysis is the first step to understand the market and you current situation. It is the foundation of any branding and marketing projects. With this analysis, a suitable strategy will be recommended.


Re-alignment of brand positioning to business objectives based on research insights to adapt to the market trend.


Revamp of the company’s Visual Identity system with the new messaging strategy including: Design Visual Identity Core Elements and Visual Identity Guidelines Manual


The key to successful marketing is finding the right strategy—including your message, timing, and method of communication—to reach and influence your consumers.


The team will do an analysis and evaluation of your company’s current marketing strategy – from your website to social medias. 


We provide a Marketing Strategy Development and Roadmap and Social Media Management Recommendations.

For companies interested in MRA, our strategies will include identifying other opportunities that can provide value to the company. 


We have a wide range of Marketing tools that includes Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and many more…



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